Dr. Shelly O’Connor is a Psychologist (College of Psychologists of B.C. Registration #1178) registered to practice independently in the province of British Columbia. She has been conducting a successful private practice in the West Shore area for 28 years. By virtue of a wide range of educational and professional experiences Dr. O’Connor has a dual specialty in clinical psychology (e.g., therapy, psychological disorders) and psychological/neuropsychological assessment. 

Qualifications related to therapy:

Following a Bachelor’s degree (1st Class Honours) at the University of Victoria, Dr. O’Connor received her Masters Degree from the Clinical Psychology Program at Simon Fraser University and her Ph.D. from the University of Victoria. Both programs are American Psychological Association (APA) and Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) accredited. This accreditation indicates that the institution is carefully monitored by these bodies to ensure the highest standard of educational and professional experiences during training. As a Registered Psychologist Dr. O’Connor also must be actively engaged in ongoing educational and professional upgrading experiences to ensure an updated knowledge base. 

Qualifications related to assessments:

Dr. O’Connor specialized in the area of neuropsychology for two additional years at the doctoral level. This advanced training prepared her to conduct comprehensive Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessments. Relevant professional experiences have included:

  • Conducting court-ordered forensic assessments of youth for 15 years at Forensic Psychiatric Services

  • Internship rotations at Victoria General Hospital in pediatrics and at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health (pediatrics). The latter placement focussed on pediatric psychological assessments.

  • Employment as a Pediatric Psychologist at Victoria General Hospital for two years. 

  • Publication in the Journal of Learning Disabilities.

  • Completion of over 1200 Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological assessments on a contract basis for School Boards and Independent Schools in the Victoria area, and at the request of Pediatricians and Family Doctors. 

  • Dr. O’Connor has been qualified as an expert witness in the area of Neuropsychology by the Supreme Court of B.C. 

What to Expect

When you enter the waiting room (a sign will direct you to the side door), please be seated and make yourself comfortable. Dr. O’Connor will be with you at your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive early to your appointment there is a small chance the door will be locked if Dr. O’Connor has stepped out. Please be patient, she will return by your scheduled appointment time and unlock the door.

Many people are a little nervous about their first therapy appointment, particularly because they do not know what to expect. Even after reading this, you might still understandably be a bit anxious. That said, there is nothing you need to do to prepare for your first appointment. People often call for an appointment because emotional and/or life events have overwhelmed them. Having a therapy appointment booked for the future will hopefully not add stress to whatever situation you are already dealing with. The first appointment is typically where Dr. O’Connor finds out what has prompted your call, and will help you tell your story in a way that is comfortable for you. The good news is there is no wrong way to do this, so you do not need to worry about being “mentally prepared” for the appointment. At the end of the appointment, Dr. O’Connor will summarize your primary concerns and discuss treatment options with you. Further appointments are booked only if you are comfortable and confident that is what you would like to do.

A word of advice: When choosing a Psychologist, you may wish to ask about qualifications. One important consideration is whether they have graduated from an American Psychological Association and Canadian Psychological Association accredited institution. This indicates that the program has met the rigorous requirements enforced by APA and CPA, and the individual has been exposed to a broad range of educational and professional experiences prior to graduation. Another important consideration is whether they are a Registered Psychologist, as many extended health benefits insurers will only cover therapy services conducted by a Registered Psychologist.

(Note that Psychological services conducted by a Registered Psychologist can also be claimed as a health care expense on your income tax.)

Services Hours of Operation
In-Person Appointments : Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings
Virtual Appointments : Flexible Times on Tuesdays